Air Transportation

Air transportation with established deadline allows you to set the pace. In air transportation, speed itself is not the only key for everything, but also, your goods arrival precision. Our customized air transportation products allow you to track your cargo, in the most flexible and efficient way.

Based on our global structure of agents, we serve all airports worldwide using all airline serviced cargo available on the market, furthermore, we develop the best logistics to meet our client´s needs.

We trace your cargo from departure to arrival at the final destination and our clients may keep track of all information online through our system.

Sea Transportation

Sea transportation is a vital part of the world economy, and global relations also require global standards. That is why TAG has products and services with global sea freight.

With contract signed with many shipowners, we offer our clients excellent options, with competitive fees, reduced transit times and free time demurrage negotiated case by case.

Customs Clearance

Import and export customs clearance purpose is to meet and comply with customs/sanitary standards in the origin and destination countries. Assuring the accuracy and integrity of the exporter and importer paperwork regarding the exported or imported goods is a key factor for any international transaction success.

In Brazil, import and export customs clearance is based on agreements set on line by the exporter or importer via the Siscomex system. In the case of import, through a data analysis required by the system, the due taxes are calculated. And if that is the case, providing management and exchange controls for foreign trade operations.